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Bruce Lee for Supreme – Capsule Collection

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Continuing on with its exploration of Bruce Lee‘s legacy, Supreme also created a full-range apparel line in addition to the already mentioned VANS footwear collection this season. In many ways, a fitting tribute to mark the 40th anniversary of Lee’ss untimely death but more importantly, his lasting legacy in acting, martial arts, and the lives of Chinese-Americans. With a given screen name Li Xiaolong, or Li “Little Dragon,” it was obvious that Bruce Lee would be onto bigger things later in life. A polymath who wore many hats, Lee acted as the original Kato in the TV adaptation of The Green Hornet and five feature length films: The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury (1972), Way of the Dragon (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973) and finally, The Game of Death (1973). Off screen, Lee, a student of philosophy, created maxim like “”All types of knowledge, ultimately leads to self knowledge.” and helped to usher in the modern era of martial arts with his very own Jeet Kune Do style, a hybrid fight technique that prioritized impact and efficiency regardless of philosophies. In ways, it was the forerunner to today’s mixed martial arts.

As a way to employ much of his mantra and fight style, Supreme fashioned its capsule collection with the same gusto in both color and forms. The collaboration kicks off a nylon Coaches Jacket in black, lined with pile fleece and a white imprint of Lee’s silhouette on the back panel. A series of Crewneck Sweaters and Button-Down Shirts follow, all color-blocked and screen-printed, front & center or tiled all-over, with Lee in his most famous fighting stance. Lastly, there are the graphic t-shirts, printed with screenshots from Lee’s films along with actual sketches and manuscripts from his dissertation on Jeet Kune Do.

Set to be available with Supreme x VANS “Bruce Lee” Footwear Collection, the Bruce Lee for Supreme Capsule Collection will launch this Thursday, October 24th, at Supreme’s flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, London and its online shop. It will also be available through Supreme’s retail locations across Japan this Saturday, October 26th.

Release Dates:

October 24, 2013 (Thursday) – New York, Los Angeles, London & Online

October 26, 2013 (Saturday) – Japan