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Kanye West - "Yeezus" Tour T-Shirts | By Wes Lang

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Fresh out the mothafucking kitchen are Kanye West's Yeezus tour t-shirts, and what a surprise! They are slightly offensive! Thanks to Virgil Abloh's Instagram feed from the Seattle Key Arena show on Saturday (West's first stop on his tour), we know that West has produced three different designs for his tops with designer/artist Wes Lang, one featuring the grim reaper cloaked in the Confederate flag, another depicting a skeleton kneeling in prayer and the third touting a skull head against the Confederate flag surrounded by the phrase "I ain't coming down".

Attendees of the Yeezus show attested to over 120 minutes of pure, egotistic vainglory inclusive of 4 bejeweled masks, multiple costume changes and one malfunctioning pair of slim-fit jeans. By all accounts, the show was a spectacle in itself and was worth commemorating in a t-shirt. Pleazus Christ, yes, give one to us now.

Images via: Virgil Abloh's Instagram