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Nokia Lumia 2520 - 10-inch Tablet Unveiled

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Yesterday marked a new milestone for Nokia as they pulled the wraps off of its first tablet device, entering the brand into the already heated market currently led by their arch-rivals over at Apple and Samsung. At the launch event in Abu Dhabi - which also saw the release of three new phone models - Nokia's Lumia 2520 exec's introduced us to their LTE, 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU device, packing a bright 650nit, 10.1-inch screen made out of Gorilla Glass 2. In addition to a 6.7MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, the 2520 also demonstrated a pretty impressive ability for its Windows 8.1 RT system to be read easily even in the bright Abu Dhabi sun. In addition to your choice of several colorways, including a red, white, cyan, and black, Nokia also will have available a Nokia Power Keyboard accessory that promises five hours of extra battery life plus two extra USB ports. All together, with a good looking design and the ability for Windows workhorses to use Office on the go, hats should go off to the Finnish label. Stay tuned for more pricing and availability information has it releases.

via: theverge