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Apple iPad Air - "Pencil" Commercial | Voiced by "Breaking Bad" Bryan Cranston

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No doubt the portrayal of Walter White on the hit television drama Breaking Bad was a once-in-a-lifetime role for actor Bryan Cranston. After the series ended last month, many have asked the Emmy-winning Cranston what he will do as a follow-up. The answer came as a surprise and in the form a video, an Apple advertisement to be precise. Unveiled during Tuesday's keynote address by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cranston did a simple voice-over on the first Apple iPad Air advertisement titled "Pencil." About 1-minute in length, the video compares the Apple iPad Air to the most ubiquitous writing tool we have, the pencil. Known to be one hell of manipulator, the question now is can Walter White talks his way into having us buying the new iPad? Only time will tell...