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Jil Sander To Leave Namesake Fashion Label For The Third Time

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Citing personal reasons, designer Jil Sander will be leaving her namesake label once again. This most recent departure will be Sander's third time since she founded the brand back in 1968. During the same 45-year period, the fashion house helped to renew interest in minimalistic silhouettes and influenced a new generation of fashion designers, including Raf Simons, who was at the helm from 2005 to 2012. The brand has bounced between owners ever since 1999 when Sander sold 75% of the company to Prada Group. She famously clashed with its CEO and Miuccia Prada's husband, Patrizio Bertelli, which resulted in her first departure in 2000. She returned for a brief stint in 2003 only to leave once again. Three years later, Prada Group also exited and sold the label to Change Capital Partners. Currently owned by Onward Holdings of Japan, Sander made a triumphant and much-publicized return to her fashion house in February 2012. Now with her imminent and, likely, final departure, there is no clear successor as of yet. Sander's last official collection will be the upcoming Spring and Summer 2014 while the brand's Fall and Winter 2014 line will be done by the in-house design team.