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KRUPS x Heineken - "The Sub" Tabletop Beer Chiller

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There's usually one kitchen appliance that withstands the move from bachelor pad to your first place with your girl and that's the kegerater. It either finds a new home in your man cave or ultimately sits lonely and under-utilized in some dark corner of your storage unit, a sad memory of your college days gone by. But, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. In fact, KRUPS x Heineken will probably have your girlfriend and even their parents talking about "The Sub" over dinner. Essentially a fancier version of the tiny Heineken kegs you already buy and store in your fridge, but since it's able to chill the beer by itself, it frees up space in your kitchen and earns its rent. It was co-designed by KRUPS - of home-brew coffee-making fame - with a pressured aluminum body that gets its name from its sub-like appearance. The Sub is filled with a metal cylinder called a Torps (aka torpedo) that are loaded and supply the tap. Currently only Heineken and their affiliates are supplying Tors, but you can imagine that it won't take long for other brands to offer something similar. Expect The Sub to arrive this Holiday season, but you can also pre-order it now.