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Skully P1 Motorcycle Helmet - With Built-In Head-Up Display

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Why should drivers behind the wheel have all the fun and access to all the latest gadgets? Skully and their P1 Motorcycle Helmet puts a stop to all that nonsense. Since you're already wired from the time you wake up in the morning, the P1 is arguably the perfect extension of that mantra, connecting your ride into the modern digital lifestyle, coming with built-in head-up display that the brand claims helps provide "advanced situation awareness," giving you better control of your ride and your reactions to those oblivious drivers around you. While wearing the helmet, you get a host of useful information superimposed with your usual field of view, including a review-view camera, real-time GPS with turn-by-turn directions displayed just outside of your main field of view, and smart-phone integration. The best part? It's DOT and ECE approved, which means all those bureaucrats can't spoil all your fun. Skully is currently looking for beta testers via their website ahead of its wider 2014 release.