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Ghe-O Rescue

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The Ghe-O Rescue is a life-saving machine. It can drive through flooded land, climb steep mountain sides, paddle through rivers, carry a sled of injured people to safety, and even pull a buried truck out of a snow-laden catastrophe-- all in one day! Marking itself as the "ideal solution for transportation and medical support" no matter the terrain or weather, the Ghe-O Rescue is our mortal attempt to build a real-life Optimus Prime. Should the Decepticons actually attack us one day, they'll have to deal with 3.2 tons of metal outfitted with water pumps, floating pneumatic wheel pillows, a bulldozing plower, and an electromagnetic force field. That's right, the Ghe-O Rescue is 'bout to save the world and it ain't no joke. It's fucking Thomas the Tank right here.