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Pinterest’s New San Francisco Headquarters

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Pinterest, the people’s go-to site for discovering DIY projects and other ideas of fancy, has a new office headquartered in San Francisco that has (unsurprisingly) sparked our interest.

Company founder Evan Sharp chose a team of concept designers to transform the once barren SoMA warehouse on 7th Street into 45,000 square feet of modest, creativity-nurturing space. Janette Kim of All of the Above, Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood of First Office,  and architect Neal Schwartz put their floor planning talents to the test and came up with a grid of four white, 20-by-20-foot cube “houses” that serve as either a meeting, working, or gathering area depending on the need.

Creative collaboration is at its best here in the new digs, as each of the 150+ employees are given the liberty to use whichever spot they feel most productive in. According to Sharp, “Whether you’re comfortable working at a dedicated desk, on your laptop at a communal table, or in a dark corner in the basement, it’s likely that you’ll find a place that works for the way you like to work.”

Pinterest‘s progressive take on the modern day office allows for just the right amount of spontaneity and fun to keep its user-powered website fresh like the prince of Bel Air. If you can buy it, cook it, make it, or shake it, Pinterest has the board to pin it, and with a crib of feel-good vibes to support its team, Pinterest promises you’ll find a way to improve upon it. How’s that for novel innovation?