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Geoff McFetridge x Jack Spade - Fall 2013 T-Shirt Collaboration

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Artist and designer Geoff McFetridge has mastery over a wide range of disciplines -- ranging from poetry to animation, graphics to 3D work, and even textile and wallpaper to paintings -- and his L.A.-based design studio Champion Graphics is equally expansive, having worked on music videos for The Whitest Boy Alive and the title sequences for The Virgin Suicides and Where The Wild Things Are. And now McFetridge brings his unique vision to Jack Spade's Fall 2013 collection, resulting in a collaborative tee under the brand's "Work and Play" motif. A blue on white crewneck style represents the "play" portion of the project, while a black on grey counterpart stands in for the "work" flipside. Get the tees now directly from Jack Spade.