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Motorola Project Ara - Open Hardware Smartphone Concept

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For the engineer in all of us, you'll probably love this new project led by Motorola's advanced technology and projects group called "Project Ara." Essentially, the group is working to create the first free, open hardware platform that allows individuals to create their own custom smartphones using a modular system similar to the Phonebloks concept by designer Dave Hakkens. By combining modules of your choice  - from a new display to keyboard to app processor or even a bigger battery - with a new structural frame, Motorola believes the pace of innovation and development will rapidly increase as end users themselves become designers of the phones with the components they want the most. Enabled by 3D printing, this sort of project gives you the opportunity to decide everything from the look to function of your phone and even its cost. Motorola has been working on the project for just over a year and hopes to release the Module Developer's Kits in the next few months to select "Ara Scouts." If you're interested in being the most extreme of early-adopters, you can learn more at their DS Scout page.