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Eminem featuring Rihanna - "The Monster"

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Yesterday evening Eminem released the third track to his forthcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 exclusively on his SiriusXM station Shade45. "The Monster" is Em's second collaborative effort with pop sensation Rihanna providing an unapologetically catchy hook. While the previously released "Bezerk" and "Rap God" were more true to his roots as a hardened rough-around-the-edges Detroit native, the new release highlights his ability to still produce music that appeals to the broader spectrum of fans.

While the uptempo beat and melodic hook may expand the base and garner additional radio play, it's the content that has always driven Eminem's music, and in that sense he is true to his craft. The seamless weaving of words once again express the angst and reluctant acceptance associated with unexpected success.

With recent history setting the precedent, it's likely this track is going to hit the airwaves the same way "Love the Way You Lie" did back in 2010. Listen to "The Monster" below and look out for the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 on November 2nd.

src: StereoGum