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UNIQLO UT Names NIGO As Its New Creative Director

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UNIQLO of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd has released an official statement naming NIGO as the creative director for its U.T. line. Having left his own Japanese street wear brand, A Bathing Ape, this past April, NIGO's venture into Japanese lifestyle brand UNIQLO will be a welcome change for fans of his cartoon and camouflage style. Coveted for delivering limited edition t-shirts for the unique individual, the UNIQLO UT line hopes that the appointment will bring a fresh burst of energy into the men’s, women’s and children’s Spring/Summer 2014 lines.

With both UNIQLO and NIGO undergoing a rapid global expansion of their creative talents (the former with new stores opening in the States and beyond, the latter with his new clothing brand, Human Made, and a retail venture called Cold Coffee), a partnership of this magnitude seems appropriately on-point.

via: WWD