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Ryan McGinness Launches Custom Ping-Pong Table at The Standard

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In what seemed like a pretty chill event, Ryan McGinness' unveiled his custom ping-pong table at the SPiN Standard in Downtown Los Angeles under the bluish glow of black-lights.  While not as raucous and as exciting as Olympic Ping-Pong, McGinness' latest work is arguably much more visually stimulating. McGinness utilized his trademark iconography and design aesthetic to create a table whose graphics, colors, and chaotic nature make for a perfect marriage in the black-light environment. The party, which was hosted by Kohn Gallery, Quint Contemporary Art, and Maker Magazine, featured Shepard Fairey spinning tunes while guests were given a chance to peruse McGinness' book “ Women: New (Re)presentations” while artwork from the same collection adorned the windows. Check out the video below to see what you and I both missed out on.