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Connor Woody Cruiser

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Bikes usually fit within to groups: those that are beloved, honored, and finely tuned machines used for competition, fun, or sport, and the second, those that capture dust in your garage, closet, or storage unit. The Connor Woody Cruiser, however, creates a new grouping: bikes that are also works of art. This Woody is handmade, built in their Denver-based shop and it is elegantly designed to combine form and function, drawing inspiration from the long-gone wood-paneled car. Yet, this cruiser will never go out of style, with an American ash wood body that is bonded and laminated with carbon fiber for extra strength and an overall lightweight build (25 pounds). To protect it from weather and dirt, it is also sealed with marine spar varnish. The bike itself is low-frills, however, with just a two-speed gear hub, coaster brakes, 29-inch wheels with fat tires, and leather handles and seats to tie it all together, but that's because all of the attention should be on its frame. Fully eco-friendly and made in the U.S. of A, you can't go wrong with this one. Learn more about its specs and how to purchase at their shop's homepage.