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Microsoft Surface Pro 2

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Like the original Surface Pro, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 straddles the line between tablet and laptop and features a design almost indistinguishable from its predecessor: both feature a 10-inch 1080p screen and a durable black magnesium alloy case that weighs in at a healthy 2 lbs. An adjustable kickstand addresses user complaints of the original Surface, and the display has been tweaked to deliver improved color accuracy, with good viewing angles from both horizontal and vertical planes. The key upgrade in the Surface Pro 2 is the move from Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge processor to the fourth-generation Core i5 platform, making it outperform many notebooks in its class. Battery life has also improved significantly, with users able to expect over six hours of uninterrupted video playback (vs. four hours-plus from the original). Go here to learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and to purchase your own.