Black Dave - "Million Man March" | Music Video


Last Thursday Black Dave dropped the first video from his Black Bart mixtape. The "Million Man March" video, directed by Brandon Kuzma, immediately stirs feelings of a preeminent moment in American history, calling for both the acknowledgement of progress and the understanding that some things haven't changed. Discontentment is a good word for describing what's being brought to the table, Black Dave is not concerned with maintaining the status quo and it's reflected in his lyrics:

I'm pimpin you, you speak to blue, I see your movements and sloppy,
True fully my techniques was meant for preaching the peace
But motherf*ckers got me mad so I'ma beast off the leash,
Bitch I'm rapping the east, but the city that never sleep,
When niggas die over sneaks and police kill every week,
But f*ck the police got a million menu who marching with me,
And the black day for the go insane up on the shut got be.

At the surface the lyrics are aggressive, but the message isn't militant, his intent is to inspire change. Watch the video below, download 'Black Bart' at, and check out the "Color Of Ya Skin" t-shirt inspired by the release.