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2014 Ducati Monster 1200

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Most riders spend the majority of their waking hours either riding or day-dreaming about the next time they get to ride. And that pull will get even stronger for those who find themselves astride a new 2014 Ducati Monster 1200. The Ducati Monster line is the perfect blend of all the best things about motorcycles, from the coast-to-coast cruisers, the adventure bikes that don't mind getting a little dirty, and even the knee-draggers that rip-up the neighborhood circuits, all wrapped up into one heart-palpitatingly good-looking bike. The Monster 1200 itself was unveiled recently just ahead of the 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan and it will be powered by a 1199cc Testastretta engine, which has been tuned to develop better mid-range power out of the twin-cylinder. The new Monsters are also equipped with high-spec brakes and suspension system as well as lightweight wheels that employ eight-level traction control, three-level ABS, and three-level Ride-by-Wire throttle. On its surface, that 1200 comes with a red or black frame while its amped-up 1200 S version can also be special-ordered white-and-bronze frame. The Monster 1200 will be priced at $13,495, while the 1200 S will go for $15,995.