ALIFE x Katz's Deli - Capsule Collection


The one and only Katz Deli-- a cultural icon in the history of NYC, has been immortalized by the legendary streetwear brand ALIFE to celebrate the restaurant's 125th anniversary. The apparel, which includes 6 t-shirts and a hat with the names Katz Deli and ALIFE printed on them, is just one set of retail being sold at the Katz Deli pop-up shop, dubbed "The Space". Other limited edition pieces will be sold to honor the existence of this exceptional pastrami sandwich and hotdog joint that sent salamis to soldiers at war and served as a setting for at least 7 different movies.

If you're in NYC, we suggest you cop a piece of the action soon. 'Cause, you know, if anyone ever asks aloud what exactly brought upon Meg Ryan's big-O in the movie When Harry Met Sally, you can point to your apparel and exclaim, "Kat's, that's all!"

Katz's Deil - The Space
203 East Houston Street | Map
New York, NY 10002
TEL #: 212-254-2246