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Chak Molot Motorcycle

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Tired of seeing sexy, powerful bikes like the 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 grace our pages? We thought so. So here's a look at the Chak Molot, which is actually a highly customized and tweaked 2013 Honda CBR 1000RR. If you haven't heard of Chak Motors, the brand is actually a Russian company based in St. Petersberg, which was founded by Igor Chak, a Russian-born American designer. After stripping down the CBR down to the frame, the Chak team went to work, rebuilding the bike into the aggressive, aerodynamic, and technologically advanced motorcycle you see here. While some of the tweaks were conducted with an eye toward speed and form, a lot of them actually double has improved safety features, including responsive LED lamps, predictive emergency braking technology that is linked to with the ABS to alert the rider of upcoming hazards, and blind spot monitoring. There's even a gyroscoped-controlled engine cut-off system built into the enhanced frame for increased durability and safety during a crash. Of course, all of this technology does come with a price - a hefty one at that - beginning at $75,000, available in White/Black, White/Gold, and Black/Gold, which are all up for pre-order now.