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Caterham Bikes - Brutus 750

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Looking to add a little bit more fun to your motorcycle stable? Then you may want to check out what Caterham has revealed at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan. In what is being characterized as being the "SUV of motorcycles," the Brutus 750 is the leadoff offerings from the brand's newly minted motorcycle division, which will soon include two other bikes, the Classic E-Bike and the Carbon E-Bike. While it can also be operated as a street bike, it's clearly more at home in the backwoods and trails. It can also be converted into a snowmobile if you want four seasons of fun using the brand's own kit, which takes less than four hours to accomplish. On top of all this gurth, the Brutus, according to Caterham Bikes, is also the first bike with an automatic transmission. Will you soon be one of the proud owners of one of these bikes? Check out their site to learn more and stay tuned for release information.

via: bikeexif