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Darkside x Fernando Vallejo - "Metatron" | Officially "Unofficial" Video

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The ethereal and nuanced sound of "Metatron," a recent Darkside production, is simultaneously soothing and terrifyingly erie. The pleasant trip from a strong drum kick to a somber collection of ambient sounds and back to the strong kick with a crisp plucked guitar riff work to displace your senses and draw you into an unexpected auditory experience.

The Brown duo of Jaar and Harrington have been working together since 2011, producing a unique progressive electronic sound. The release of Psychic and the subsequent officially "unofficial" video for "Metatron" don't deviate from this formula. The Fernando Vallejo directed clip follows a set of NYC skaters traversing the city; recreating a-day-in-the-life style experience that captures the movements, the emotions, and heartbreak.

Darkside is currently touring the States and you can check out the full list of tour stops here. The album Psychic was released on October 8, 2013 on Matador Records.