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RISK - "Metallic Tissue" Exhibition | Los Angeles

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Graffiti writers were once shunned by society and art galleries, but now the spotlight is on them, as many are able to hold exhibitions in legitimate galleries, rather than staying strictly on the streets or in the train yards. Kelly Graval, infamously known as RISK, is a household name in the graffiti circles. With 30 years under his belt, the Los Angeles native is holding his solo exhibition at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles. Curated by Roger Gastman, Metallic Tissue showcases new works from RISK. The works range from paintings to sculptures, mixed media works to neon light installations, highlighting the versatility of the artist. If you are in Los Angeles, do stop by before the exhibition is over, and if you are not, scroll down the page to preview the works.

Fabien Castanier Gallery 12196 Ventura Blvd | MapStudio City CA, 91604

Exhibition Date: November 2, 2013 (Saturday) - December 15, 2013 (Sunday)

via: Arrested Motion