The New Yorker - "Flipping Supreme" Article


Despite the brand's growth over the past few years -- including the opening of a London store and a sixth Japanese location -- Supreme's place in the streetwear firmament has yet to falter. If anything, the New York-based skate-inspired fashion label is as popular as ever. One indicator is the robust resell market for its limited-run goods, which can be measured by the success of Unique Hype Collection, a tiny store in a low-rent mall in New York's Chinatown. The New Yorker profiles the retail operation in an online piece -- entitled "Flipping Supreme" -- that quotes Peter (first name only), the thirty-year-old owner of the store who says he's pulled in "seven figures a year for the last two years." The business model rests on buying Supreme's goods at retail -- sometimes hiring teenagers to wait in line for $100 a pop -- then putting out the pieces for sale (at a significant markup) once those items have sold out at Supreme's brick-and-mortar and online stores. Go here to read the full article.