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2014 Mopar Dodge Challenger

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Even among classic muscle car buffs, the Dodge Challenger - with its size and power - stands as one of the truest macho, testosterone-fueled cars ever produced.  As with the 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker, which picked up a hole in the middle of the hood so all those inside can see the engine purr first hand, Dodge also released the Mopar Challenger. This 2014 version continues Dodge's string of similar co-branded cars that first began in 2010, but in addition to the same engine and hood intake as the Shaker, also picks up an enhanced interior and a series of other extras from the performance outfit. The Nappa leather sport seats with Mopar blue contrast stitching stands out, but so does the three-spoke steering wheel and pistol grip shifter. The Mopar edition will be limited to 100 examples and there currently isn't a price attached, but you can bet that this Mopar Dodge Challenge will command quite the premium when it hits the market beginning in March 2014. Continue after the click to see more looks at the continued rise of this classic.

via: WCF