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Hövding: Airbag for Cyclist

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Biking around town is a great alternative to using a car and bus, especially in bigger cities where traffic is an everyday occurrence, but that also means you and your two-wheeler are often on their own against a 2 ton steel machines. To help keep cyclists just a little bit safer, a pair of Swedish designers have devised an invisible bike airbag - that is, invisible until it's needed. Designed to replace those unsightly foam-filled plastic helmets, the Hövding is a revolutionary solution that offers total head protection via its fully-engineered airbag that deploys by a sensor that detects within 1/10th of a second of an accident. It also includes an internal black box that records the last 10 seconds of the accident to allow for follow-on analysis of what happened. The Hövding is available in 5 colorway combinations that wrap around your neck and while it's not a complete elimination of the stylistic downsides of safety, you'll probably agree that it's never looked better. Check out all the options available now at their online webshop.