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Ucon x 8bar - "Federleicht" Bicycle

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Berlin clothing shop Ucon and 8bar Bikes team up to bring the best of both of their brands together in a new bike collaboration, which they've officially named "Federleicht." Translated to mean "feather light" in German, this bike takes the theme far beyond just its structure, integrating work from local artist Toons to bring the feather motif directly into the bike, hand-painting the colorful tropical bird feather pattern himself. The bespoke work continues with a custom bike saddle, foot straps, and handlebar designed by illustrator Stulle, making 8bar's already-unique custom bikes even more exclusive. Unfortunately, this beautiful specimen isn't going to be on sale, but that's where Ucon steps in, producing a T-shirt and cap matching the theme, which are on sale now at their online shop. Learn more about the project and watch the entire project from start to finish in the video featured after the jump.