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Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione

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The Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione racecar, released under the prancing horse's Ferrari Challenge series for up-and-coming racers, is based on the 458 Challenge and features a number of modifications for faster lap times. Chief among those upgrades is the large rear wing, developed using experience gained in GT racing. The increased downforce generated by the wing, balanced by the splitter and the undertray up front, allows drivers to achieve higher cornering and top speeds. No mention of an increase in engine output, likely meaning the 458 Challenge Evoluzione's 4.5-liter V-8 engine produces the same 562 horsepower as the current 458 Challenge and the road-going 458 Italia. The car was unveiled this week at a rain-soaked Finali Mondiali event -- the final race of the 2013 Ferrari Challenge -- at Italy’s Mugello Circuit.