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Jawbone UP24

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With the Holiday's coming up, everyone is starting to think about the impending battle between their waistline and the Grandma's famous pie. This year, however, you'll have some cavalry to help you resist the urge for thirds and get out with the newly upgrade Jawbone. Building on the successes and features of the previous model, the UP24 doesn't look that much different, but inside there's a lot of changes. First, the buttons have been refined and the headphone jack has been reduced to 2mm from 3.5mm, still covered with a matching cap. Second, while the UP24 still tracks the same features, the biggest change comes with the fact that the device can now sync wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart continuously, meaning you don't have to plug it in (a big knock against the previous model) and you can get up-to-the-minute stats on how you're doing against your goals. This does have an effect on battery life, however, knocking its life down to 7 days from the original's 10. It's app has also been updated, UP 3.0, introducing "Today I Will," which breaks your goals down into daily chunks to keep you motivated. If you're sold on this already and can't wait until Christmas, you can order it now for $150, but you can also just pick up the new app if you're satisfied with the older model.