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Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products | By Leander Kahney

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If you can look up from your own device for a few minutes, you'll probably notice that the majority of the people around you will be carrying, listening to, or reading something that Jony Ive's fingers have help to shape. Needlesstosay, Ive and his work has had an incredible impact on our everyday lives. This new biography, written by Cult of Mac editor Leander Kahney, attempts to capture his story, drawing on interviews with former classmates, co-workers, design team members, teachers, and acquaintances of Ive - the famously very publicly-shy designer. From his recruitment to Apple, the evolution of the Industrial Design group, and details on the groundbreaking products for which his team is responsible, the book is a never-before-seen look into the inner workings of Apple. Given the fact that the book didn't come with cooperation from Ive or Apple, you probably won't get a more detailed look into this piece of modern history than if you read Ive's own diary. Available now through various outlets, including Apple's iBook Store.