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NEIGHBORHOOD - Butterfly Bottle Opener

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Tucked within the larger M.V.P. x Neighborhood Collaboration Collection we previewed in September was this fly - get it? - Bottle Opener. If you don't already know, nobody does accessories quite like Neighborhood and this joint venture with M.V.P. on a butterfly-style bottle opener is no exception to the rule. Inspired by the vintage butterfly knife that your grandpa probably tucked away in his pocket as he cruised around in his hotrod, the blade is instead replaced with a bottle opener. With just two flips and that refreshing pop sound, there's no better way to crack open a beer. Made from all stainless steel with co-branding on the opener. Find it now via UNION LA, online and in-store.

110 South La Brea Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90036
TEL #: 323-549-6950