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Kanye West - "Bound 2" | Featuring Kim Kardashian

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One thing we have all come to grips with is the unpredictability of Kanye West and his creative endeavors. Yesterday, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mr. West premiered the video for "Bound 2", a track appearing on his most recent release Yeezus. Things open innocently enough with wild horses galloping through  some picturesque southwestern scenery, but as soon as the soul-laden beat drops and Kanye takes to two wheels cruising the serene landscape of American countryside the video escalates to a near NSFW experience. From this point forward viewers are invited to join Kanye and a topless Kim Kardashian on their erotic two wheeled journey, as the motorcycle they share operates as a thinly veiled phallic symbol.

The Nick Knight/SHOWstudio production is guaranteed to grab attention as the video spreads across the web. In the meantime, you can watch the video below. Although you might want to wait until you get home from work.