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Quintin Co. - "El Camino Sierra" Part 1 | Video

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Last month the crew from L.A.-based Quintin Co. embarked on an epic intra-state voyage, which found them traveling north on Route 395, aka the Sierra Highway. The first recorded journey along the El Camino Sierra was led by Jedediah Smith in 1826. Connecting Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe and Reno, the trail was commonly used by prospectors passing through the area during the California Gold Rush. Cut to present day, wherein the Quintin Skate team -- featuring Jordan Maxham, Danny Hamaguchi, Brett Sube and special guest Chris Colbourn -- meets at company headquarters in downtown LA to pack a van ahead of the 5-hour drive. The first leg of the journey up the 395 to the Mammoth Lakes is chronicled in "El Camino Sierra" Part 1. Check out the video below.