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2015 Honda Civic Type R Development Proto Revealed

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For all you compact car fans who love a little speed - especially those living in Europe - you have a new toy coming your way in 2015: the Honda Civic Type R. Although it is currently still in its prototype phase, this one is definitely going to production according to the Honda CEO, Takanoku Itu, drawing on the carmaker's extensive World Tour Car Championship experience to build what they hope will be the fastest front-wheel-drive car. Based on the video footage they provided, throttle response and cornering are huge strengths of the new Type R, which will be the cornerstone of a larger line of compact speedsters to get the brand's new VTEC Turbo engine developed by Honda's Earth Dreams Technology Range. Be on the look out for more as testing continues, but in the meantime, click after the jump for more preview shots and the video clip.

via WCF