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Kenna - "Relations" | Featuring Childish Gambino

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The last time Kenna made a splash in the music industry was with the release of Make Sure They See My Face way back in 2007. His critically successful sophomore album, produced in conjunction with the Neptunes, was a departure from the standard R&B offerings at the time, leaning heavily on an electric sound and his unique vocals. In "Relations," the new video featuring Childish Gambino, Kenna offers up a sound that will be familiar to anyone acquainted with his catalog.

This time around, Kenna is taking an alternative route when it comes to distributing his work. Rather than releasing a single LP, "Relations" operates as the title track for the first of three successive EPs that all roll up as chapters of a singular movement titled Imitation Is Suicide. Currently the first two EPs are available for stream and download with the final chapter, produced by RJD2, set to release in early December.

It's no surprise that the first video for this project has been released on MySpace, considering Kenna is involved with the relaunch of the platform as the Chief Vision Officer. You can watch the video below or follow the links to snag Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.