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Classic Drug References Vol.1: Danny Brown - "Sweeney Song"

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Classic Drug References Vol.1: Danny Brown - "Sweeney Song" - 0

Now defunct rap blog Classic Drug References, written and curated by Sweeney Kovar, has been resurrected in the form of a limited run 500-unit 7" box set and zine pairing. Classic Drug References Vol.1 is a collection of three 7" singles, one of which is a brand new track from Danny Brown titled "Sweeney Song." The Mndsgn production is reminiscent of background music found in classic horror films. As he sets the eerily disjunctive rhythm, Danny abrasively maneuvers the track in a style, that at this point in his career, sounds more akin to vintage Danny Brown circa XXX.

A Classic Drug References channel has also popped up on SoundCloud, that is exclusively hosting "Sweeney Song," which you can vibe to below. Pre-orders for the December 3rd digital release are currently being taken at iTunes. For those of you looking to snag the vinyl collection shipping November 25th, you can head over to the Classic Drug References BandCamp page to place your order.

via: Pitchfork