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MimoCo - MimoPower BatteryBot External Battery Pack

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Tired of the boring, box-like back-up batteries out there? So is the team from MimoPower, who are on the verge of releasing their BatteryBot line-up with the help of fans and donors over at KICKSTARTER. In a very unique Art Toy meets mobile electronics mash-up, the Boston-based crew has produced a new line of charging accessories that work with smartphones, tablets, cell phones, and pretty much anything needing power with a USB port. The project launched on Kickstarter in late October and has already surpassed their initial fundraising goal of $75,000, but - in true gamer fashion - they have plenty of Unlocked goals with new designs and functionality to keep the funds pouring in. The initial run sees 10 BatteryBot designs taken from the Animal Critterz and Core Series designs, but there are plenty of other designs in the works to come once this baby takes flight. In addition to a large charge capacity, each BatteryBot has a LED light sequence to notify you of its charge status and comes with a package of interchangable cord ports for all your devices. Learn more about the project and help them to unlock the full potential of the BatteryBot after the click.