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Titan Arm - Powered Upper Body Exoskeleton

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Created by a team of students from the University of Pennsylvania, Titan Arm is an upper-body exoskeleton prototype that was awarded the 2013 Dyson Award, the international student design award run by the James Dyson Foundation. As designed by the team, the Titan Arm applies a mechanized joint at the elbow, supplying the wearer with a roughly 40-pound boost in strength. The lightweight robotic arm features an aluminum frame, battery-powered DC motor, cable drive system, racket braking and a thumbstick controller for movement. Not only is the Titan Arm able to facilitate rehabilitation and assist those with limited mobility, on-board sensors will enable doctors to monitor patients remotely. Of course, for those of us who've seen Elysium, the Titan Arm can be viewed as the first step to a world with mechanized superpowers. Check out the video overview below.