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Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition

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Before the movie Rush hit the movie theatres earlier this year, many outside of the Formula 1 racing world probably had not heard of driver and legend Niki Lauda, who had a pretty heated on-track rivalry with James Hunt in the 1970's racing era. Driving for Maranello, Lauda was a three-time F1 world champion who inspired many and drew in legions of followers to the sport with his addictive personality and high-stakes driving (hence, the movie). Paying tribute to Lauda and that era of racing, a 458 owner had Ferrari customize his car in the livery that Maranello cars featured at the time, including a white roof with an Italian flag running down the middle and gold rims just as the prancing horses of that time would feature. A similar Italian motif runs along the middle of the cabin along the instrument panel and also in the seats, which is also joined by an F1-type gear shift and LED-lit steering wheel. The effort was coordinated through Maranello's Tailor Made program and was always meant to be a one-off production. Let's just hope that this 458 has a better fate than those that have previously gone up in flames. 

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