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A BATHING APE x Yoshifumi Egawa - "A SKATING APE" Collection

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A BATHING APE turned to one of the pioneers of Japanese streetwear scene, Yoshifumi Egawa, for their latest collaboration effort. Egawa is affectionately known by his nickname, Yoppi or Yops, worked closely with veteran graphic designer, SK8THING, on this A SKATING APE collection. The rather large collection boasts the usual suspects, such as jackets, full zip hoodies, button down shirts, t-shirts, and caps, but the biggest surprise is the elongated Ape Head skateboard deck, modeled after their famous logo. The cruiser board-sized deck is perfect for running errands or commuting in the city. A special promotional video was created for the release, which can be watched below. This collection will be available from this Saturday, November 30 at A BATHING APE store near you.