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MapleXO - Skatelamp

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MapleXO and Paul Sykes, a talented woodworker from Portland, Oregon, have come together to create "Skatelamp", a home appliance constructed out of the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing. This sleek and playful light emitter is the product of colored strips of maple wood that have been steamed and glued together to form a sexy curve. The eco-friendly sculpture measures in at 18 inches tall, 12 inches long, and 5 inches wide and functions with a frosted, 10 watt halogen globe bulb to give off that coveted warm glow.

"These lamps we not an easy thing to make!" says Lindsay Jo Holmes, owner of MapleXO-- but it's totally worth it. A lamp and a ramp for our Tech Decks? You'll hear nothing but compliments on our end. We want one already.