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MeCam HD - Body Worn Video Camera

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Every once in a while, a product comes along that really demonstrates what team with a lot of passion, energy, and tenacity can do, even if they don't have legions of designers and engineers behind them. And, today, that product is MeCam HD. We previewed its predecessor a few months back, which was a camera that is portable, wearable, and powerful, providing quality video playback and photos that you would expect from a much larger camera all packed within a small, button-sized device. Because the brand knows just how important a product like this is in capturing your life's little (and big) moments, they are now back with the concept phase of MeCam HD, which they are currently hosting a Dragon Innovation project for with a $70,000 goal. On pace to meet their target, the team from MeCam is touting its amazing specs, which includes shooting full 1080p HD video with the help of an internal gyroscope for stabilization, its own Wi-Fi signal for easy smartphone and app control and play-back, and a new, high quality glass lens. It also comes with its own 8GB Micro USB, its own App and video editing software, and multiple ways to wear it. To help build momentum behind the product, you can order one for a nice discount off of its retail price from Dragon Innovation. You can also learn more about the project and how to help them take off, here.