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Augmented Reality App Resurrects Every Bowery Wall Mural

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Re+Public, the new Augmented Reality app created by Public Ad Campaign and The Heavy Projects, may not be a time machine, but it's just as cool. Take, for example, the magic that the free app works on the legendary Bowery Wall. By placing an iPhone or Android in sight of the wall, users can access past artworks like the iconic 1982 mural painted by Keith Haring. With the Re+Public app, viewers have the art of Os Gemeos, Barry McGee, and Kenny Scharf right at their fingertips-- all you have to do is swipe. “Using the app allows users to literally flip through the past productions and gain a better understanding of the mural site’s rich history,” says Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign. It beats the trouble of finding a Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown and flying back in time in a tricked-out DeLorean DMC-12, if you ask us.