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Busta Rhymes - "Thank You" | Featuring Q-Tip, Kanye West, and Lil' Wayne

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As A Tribe Called Quest performed one last time this past Saturday, opening for Kanye West'sYeezus Tour at Madison Square Garden. And half way through "Scenario,"Busta Rhymes rushed onto the stage full of energy to say farewell to the crew that gave him his first real shot. So it's really no surprise to see Q-Tip and Kanye (and Lil' Wayne) featuring in Busta's new video "Thank You," the first track to release from the forthcoming Extinction Level Event 2 (ELE2).

A bulk of the video is a lyrical back-and-forth between the long time collaborators over a sample from the classic club track "I Want To Thank You" by Alicia Myers, with scattered appearances from Mr. West and Weezy. If "Thank You" is any indication of what to expect from ELE2, the 16-year wait for a sequel will be well worth it.

While there's no scheduled release date for ELE2, Busta and Q-Tip will be releasing an official mixtape titled The Abstract & The Dragon, December 12, 2013.