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COLDSMOKE Waterproof Tech Pack

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There's no denying that tech fabric is huge right now. Originally utilized by runners and athletes to keep warm while training, the waterproof, windproof fabric has come into its own in the outdoorsman game. That revolution is mainly due to the modern treatment and clothing design acumen of labels like COLDSMOKE, who have all but made these pieces of our arsenal an extension of our street apparel, capable of fitting in on a cool evening downtown or while you're trekking through the backwoods. For their latest offering, the California-based brand is sending over a two-part pack, the Tikaani Tech Pullover and the Unnuk Tech-Zip Up, both featuring the stay dry, stay warm features you need with the classic stitch and style you expect. Soft pile inner liner provides extra warmth in the pull-over and the zip-up with a lined kangaroo pocket and waterproof zippers rounding out the details. Both are available now in Cave Purple, Deep Green, and Dark Charcoal at their online store.