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Ford Mustang - Evolution Of An Icon | Video

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Unless you've been in a cave the last few months, you have probably heard that Ford is up to something with their cherished and powerful Mustang line for 2015, with their engineers and designer looking to completely redesign it. It's scheduled for a big reveal sometime this week and to help get our minds and bodies ready for the shock that is to be the new pony, Ford presents a CGI wire frame presentation that reviews the history of the shape of the iconic muscle car. When it began in 1962, the Mustang began as a radical roadster concept, slowly evolving into a modern, technologically advanced powerhouse that we know and love today. While the "Evolution of An Icon" video doesn't reveal any hints on its design or look, it shouldn't be too much longer until we see the real deal show its face. See it in full after the click.

via jalopnik