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New Balance 574 – “Atmosphere” Pack

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There’s more than ol’ St. Nick burning through the sky this holiday thanks to our friends from Massachusetts. Dubbed the Atmosphere Pack, this three-part take on the classic New Balance 574 runner sees something very cosmic going on with each of their uppers: not only do they glow in the dark, these babies color-shift. In addition to their synthetic, uniform no-sew uppers, each of these models is supplemented with color-shifting spectrum mesh inserts that, when combined with the shimmering logos and glow-detailing, offer a pretty trippy sight more commonly seen in one of nature’s more impressive phenomenons, the Northern Lights (aka aurora borealis). Available in three colorways, Blue/Light Blue/Silver, Black/Silver/Tan, and Black/Green/Silver, each comes with a dark midsole and is available now directly from the 3 Renarts locations in New York and online.