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Toyota Supra Concept

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It seems that nearly everyday we hear about the much-loved, yet infamous Toyota Supra making a return, but it's still hard to believe that Toyota will actually be able to pull this one off. There's plenty of appetite for it among car fans, who simply are craving for the revival of the car, but Toyota has continued to be non-committal and unofficial about it. Now Autoblog is claiming that its concept will be unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January, according to "well-placed members" in the Toyota Team. That isn't to say that Toyota hasn't fanned the flames, dropping a number of hints since the late 90's, including the automaker's incoming CEO wanting the car back in their line-up. However, after the 2007 autoshow, the financial crisis put their plans on the expected successor, the FT-HS hybrid - with a hybrid drivetrain and 400hp - on ice, which is what we have pictured here. But, is it time for this to be officially rebranded as the new Supra? Everyone is keeping mum on the issue, but we'll just have to wait one more month to find out for sure.

via autoblog