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Instagram Direct - Private Sharing Between Friends

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For all you Instagramer's out there, we have a bit of exciting news for you: your favorite photo-sharing app now allows in-app, direct messaging with your friends and groups of friends. While this seems like a little win, this is a pretty big deal given the fact that you don't have to push out the latest picture of your meal, baby taking his first steps, or your latest trip to the mall to all the Tom's, Dick's, and Harry's that follows your feed that you may not know personally. To use the feature, you just take a photo, do your normal editing, but, when you reach the share screen, you will now see the option to "Direct" the share to specific users, up to 15 of your followers. The updated feature will be available today with the latest version of Instgram app (5.0), which is available on iOS and Android.