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Beyoncé Releases Surprise Visual Album on iTunes

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Move over Gaga. Nice try Lorde. Let the real diva show you how it's done. In a launch that took the music and lifestyle worlds by total surprise, Beyonce chose Friday morning to globally launch her fifth studio album, directly to iTunes. Described as the "visual album," the self-titled compilation features 14 new songs, each with their own video to go with it. There are also three bonus videos included in the drop. In addition to cameo's by her husband, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Timbaland, Kelly Rowland, and Justin Timberland, baby Blue Ivy is also guest-starring in one of the videos. Beyonce took to her Facebook page to explain why she went this route for the release, stating she was bored with the usual way, deciding instead to go directly to her fans. The album, which is available now exclusively on iTunes, will be followed up with physical copies in time for Christmas.

via: theverge | mashable